Completed my consultation to get my eye brows done. Nice salon, clean and comfortable. Missy was personable and professional, she looks the part, her eye brows look good. She took the time to do a consultation first, I like that. She had me do my eyebrows as I would normally to see what I was looking for. Then she cleaned them up for me and we picked the color. She knows how to shape brows to fit your face, very impressed, they look so much better! We picked the color and scheduled the procedure. I can’t wait!



Missy is very professional and does a great job. She is quick and conscientious of your comfort by being efficient with her work. She met with me before I had the actual work done so we could figure out what would look best. Missy even created a new liner color just for my eye color. I love waking up in the morning and seeing eye liner on my eyes! I did some shopping around and found her prices the best and her work is high quality. I looked forward to my visits because Missy is fun to talk to and her shop is very clean and hip. I highly recommend Cosmetics by Missy!



Missy has done my permanent makeup on my eyebrows and eyeliner for almost 2 years! She is good, clean and I am always complimented on the work she does! It’s great to wake up in the morning and look beautiful and ready to go. Best thing I’ve done for myself! Highly recommend Missy for your permanent make up!!



Missy was amazing! I drove 3 hours just to have my eyebrows done by her. I was a little nervous initially being that this was my first permanent makeup experience and I have friends who have had a not so great experience with their eyebrows. My mind was put to rest as soon as I met her, I could tell that she was a pro and knew what she was doing. I just came back for my four-week touch-up and I have to say that I love my eyebrows. Good job Missy!



I absolutely love love love my permanent eyebrows!! Missy did an amazing job! I had my brows done before and this time around was soooo much better. Missy is professional, clean salon, & on the plus side she uses a numbing gel so it didn’t hurt much at all. Trust me without it, it’s pretty darn painful. Also she does a follow up touch up with you. Honestly I don’t think I need a touch up, but I’m going in anyway to let the professional check on it. This saves me so much time getting ready in the morning, I have eyebrows when I go to bed & I get to “wake up like this” lol And it’s so nice to be able to go to swimming and not worry about your eyebrows washing off! Anyway, thank you for my perfect eyebrows Missy!!!!



Missy is a professional and expertly beautiful permanent makeup artist. I had my follow up appt. today, and was already happy after the first appt. After today, I am ECSTATIC! I cannot tell you how many times in the last 4 weeks people mentioned how great I look, and asked what I was doing different, or if I lost weight. I like that it is not so obvious that they could pinpoint why I look better. My permanent makeup is the only thing different about me, so, I know that is why I am getting so many compliments.



Missy is awesome. Very good at her gig. Always fun and happy highly recommend! The whole spa is great.

Missy is really professional and truly takes pride in her work. I have permanent eyeliner and brows and will always go back to her for touch ups!

Don’t get the cheapest get the best!



My friend and I got our eyebrows tattooed last month and are here for a touch up today. They look amazing! Missy does an incredible job! She takes the time to make sure you get exactly what you want. Her office is extremely clean and comfortable. Very inviting. I would definitely recommend coming here for ANY permanent cosmetic needs!



I had upper & lower eyeliner done. It was a great experience. She was informative and gentle (…as gentle as one can be with a needle near your eye!) The cool pads she placed on my eye after every pass felt very relieving! I am also very thankful for the numbing gel she used in-between each application! Although this was just my first visit, I will try to update after my next 2 touch-up visits as well.
(**It was also very nice to be shown that she tosses the used needle into a sharps container afterwards to assure that she is sanitary & safe!** Not many places do that)



I recently had my eyebrows corrected (from a previous permanent makeup artist) by Missy. She was able to take my faded, thin, uneven eyebrows and turn them into beautiful, natural looking eyebrows. Missy is professional and easy to work with and has made sure I was comfortable and pleased with every step of the process. I will be visiting Cypress Spa and Missy again, as I plan to have her give me permanent eyeliner next month.



I was totally impressed with Missy’s calm, grounded, business like, caring demeanor. I was nervous about the pain and safety of having “needles” close to my eyes. She has 20 years experience, and it shows. She knows what she is doing, and naturally comes across in a way that feels safe and confident. I LOVE how I looked after, and, I am someone who rarely puts on make-up, ever, so I was trusting her artist’s eye to do my eyeliner in a manner that fits my face and personality. I would definitely do it again!



I just love Missy. She is so professional, so caring and so informative about the whole process of having permanent make up done. I had complete say in the color mixing process for my eyeliner. I have had permanent make up done before and it did not last, as it was only done once! Missy uses the latest in topical anesthetics to make sure that it is a comfortable experience. Missy does the process three times to make sure that it makes a lasting impression! I am actively referring all of my friends and clients to Missy, She is the best I have encountered!



Color me happy. Missy is absolutely amazing. I love my permanent cosmetics. Missy’s studio in the Cypress Spa is immaculate, elegant, private and inviting.

Missy is focused on every detail and she is alert to what your desires and needs are. My overall experience having permanent cosmetics by Missy and the Cypress spa in Santa Rosa California was absolutely excellent. Missy is a master cosmetician and she has honed her skills to perfection. Missy is friendly and her studio is relaxed. With all the years of experience that Missy has in applying permanent cosmetics you can feel confident and trust that the end result will be beautiful.

I had my entire face done my brows my upper and lower eyeliner full lips and lip liner all at once each visit. Missy is fast and efficient. The process was virtually pain free. She applies topical before and ice pads to cool you down after and give you breaks between each area.

Missy is very helpful and informative she send you home with a little care package of q-tips and aftercare ointment and goes over aftercare instructions with you for healthy home care.

Having permanent cosmetics has changed my life for the better in every way imaginable and in some ways you can’t imagine. This is one of the best personal experiences that I’ve ever had.
I feel like the girl with the kaleidoscope eyes.
Thank you Missy! You’re the best.



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