Permanent Liner 

Pigment can be added along the lash line giving the illusion of longer and fuller lashes. Permanent Eyeliner can be applied thinly or thicker for a more dramatic appearance.

Permanent Eyeliner (upper or lower)


Permanent Eyeliner (upper & lower)


Lash Enhancement (upper)


Touch Up (2 sessions)



Permanent Cosmetics by Missy LLC

Why Permanent Makeup?

less time applying makeup

save money on conventional makeup

good for people with limited vision

good for people with mobility issues

eliminates sparse looking brows

perfectly symmetrical everyday

About Missy Pendas

  • Master Permanent Cosmetic Artist
  • Patented Inventor
  • Certified Derma-Technician
  • Owner/Trainer at Permanent Cosmetic Training Center of North California
  • Received Permanent Makeup Training from Sonoma County School of Permanent Cosmetics in 2004
  • Advanced Permanent Makeup Training at the International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics in Costa Mesa, CA
  • Graduate of Richards Beauty College with Esthetician Certificate
  • Performs Permanent Cosmetics with the use of a state of the art digital machine.
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Follows strict sanitation and sterilization guidelines and facility inspected by the Sonoma Health Department on a yearly basis

I had upper & lower eyeliner done. It was a great experience. She was informative and gentle (…as gentle as one can be with a needle near your eye!) The cool pads she placed on my eye after every pass felt very relieving! I am also very thankful for the numbing gel she used in-between each application! Although this was just my first visit, I will try to update after my next 2 touch-up visits as well.(**It was also very nice to be shown that she tosses the used needle into a sharps container afterwards to assure that she is sanitary & safe!** Not many places do that)

Tiffany V. | Santa Rosa, CA

I was totally impressed with Missy’s calm, grounded, business like, caring demeanor. I was nervous about the pain and safety of having “needles” close to my eyes. She has 20 years experience, and it shows. She knows what she is doing, and naturally comes across in a way that feels safe and confident. I LOVE how I looked after, and, I am someone who rarely puts on make-up, ever, so I was trusting her artist’s eye to do my eyeliner in a manner that fits my face and personality.
I would definitely do it again!

Linda G. | Oakland, CA